Bolivian Salt Flats in PICTURES: South America’s Hidden Jewel

Travelling across the salt flats in Bolivia, the first impression one gets is that it is a cold and desolate place. 
Indeed that is true, but on further exploration it offers so much more than the initial impression gives. 

The horizon stretches ever beyond the 4×4’s reach, despite the miles and miles we covered. 

In many instances the fun is had making amusing perspective pictures on the salt flats. 

But it was on the second day of my journey when I felt that the vast expanse revealed its secrets. 

From the shimmering lagoons, festooned with flamingos, to the multicoloured rocks rising up imperiously, the Salar de Uyuni showed more shades than a Jackson Pollock painting.

Indeed, one part of the desert is named after Salvador Dali as its landscapes resemble the surrealists’ artwork. 

Unfortunately my visit coincided with a snowstorm so the Dali desert looked more like Van Gogh’s “Landscape in the snow”. 

But the pictures I took on a basic automatic setting still came out with some naturally wonderful shots – and they still don’t come close to doing justice to the real thing.

Here I felt was the true heart of Bolivia. All this beauty, misunderstood, hiding in plain sight. This country and this part in particular really is South America’s hidden jewel. 

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from my visit: 


One comment

  1. worldwidewanderingblog · July 27, 2016

    Stunning – I am desperate to visit!


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